Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012


Mylys, ein ganz
Süsses Café in Hamburg. 
Mit dazugehörigem Wolllädchen.

Sozusagen mein Paradies  . ) 

Ganz, ganz nette Athmosphäre 

und Leute. Hingehn!


  1. i adore the knitting corner - that vintage looking wall-hanging with the crochet instructions is great! i wish there was such a cafe around here too :)

  2. Hi , my english is so bad... I try my best and hope that I write not complet stupid stuff.. : )
    Where are you? Your blog is so great - I think you make great art.
    Yeah, the poster was the first thing I saw.
    At the moment I live in Lübeck ansd I wish that i come together in a café with peaple to knit : )))

    1. Thank you Ina! :)
      I got some recent good feedback on my woodcutting blog from you and some other people too, but for various reasons I decided that I will concentrate more on my sewing and thrifting blog, I guess it's life...c'est la vie!
      I'm in Finland, so the knitting get-together isn't that easy but I like reading your blog!
      My sewing/thrifting blog is Come visit me there if you feel like!